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Our Mini Computers

Our computers are small, fast and capable of performing any task that the user imposes. We use the latest technology such as Intel/AMD Dual Core and Quad Core with HT, ATI/AMD Video Cards, Dual Channel Memory Ram, Solid State Drives (SSD) and more.

To meet all tastes and styles, each Monix PC are available in different colors, from conservative black to vibrant red, style is not compromised when it comes to designing your Monix PC.

We are flexible with every Monix PC, we offer the possibility for everyone to build their own Mini PC with all the available options. This way you can balance between cost and efficiency.

The application of each Monix PC is infinite. Due to its size it fits into any environment. Used for homes, banks, retail outlets, presentations, advertising systems with LCD screens, servers, etc.

Monix PC is green ... Another point worth mentioning is the low power consumption. On average it consumes only 20 watts; that is 90% less than any other desktop PC, even 3 times less than the consumption of a laptop.

All our mini computers are manufactured in the USA.